Welcome to Japan!(ようこそ)

This site is like the table of contents of Youtube's "Wabiaabi Susabi" channel.

For foreigners who like Japanese songs, I added "lyrics with phonetic symbols (romaji)".

In Japanese Romaji of Karaoke, the place where "RA RI RU RE RO" is written is written as "LA LI LU LE LO".

This is because the Japanese word "ら(RA) り(RI) る(RU) れ(RE) ろ(RO)" is pronounced with the tongue attached to the upper chin.

In addition, English translations of the lyrics have been posted for some songs.

Enjoy listening to songs that have been popular in Japan for a long time and singing karaoke.


<癒しのメドレー(Healing medley)>






<日本の歌手別メドレー(Medley by Japanese singer)>


<外国の歌手別メドレー(Medley by foreign singer)>

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